May 6, 2016

May 6, 2016

So I spent the month of September, 2015 cleaning and organizing my studio. It was a good experience with good results. I planned on going on vacation in early December to visit with friends in the Washington, DC area. My back decided to act up around the same time. I decided to go any way. It was great to see my friends but lousy because I was very confined in regard to the things could do. I ended up having outpatient back surgery (Lumbar decompression) in late January. That went well but I needed a couple of injections to finish it off. I topped the “body-works” off with cortisone shots in both knees this week. Finally I feel pretty good and I actually feel like I want to get back in the creative saddle again.

So the following are my latest works.

nice grey necklace

17 inch Necklace made with crystal pearls, fire polished crystals, Tila beads, seed beads and O ring beads. The clasp is white bronze. The earrings are made with crystal pears, fire polished crystals and seed beads $70 for set (+ Shipping)


7 inch stretch cuff bracelet using various purchased beads $20 (+S&H)


17 inch necklace red Swarovski crystals, gold colored seed beads, bronze toggle clasp. SOLD


18 inch necklace made with glass multi colored beads, silver base metal beads and African turquoise beads SOLD


18 inch necklace made with various stone beads and gold colored seed beads. $25 for the set.


aprox. 7 inch bracelet made with crystals and seed beads. Magnetic clasp SOLD


approx 7 inch bracelet. made with seed beads. Peyote stitch SOLD


approx 7 inch bracelet made with black seed beads and African turquoise beads SOLD


3 thoughts on “May 6, 2016

    • Thanks for the compliment. I don’t have these items in a shop anywhere. If you see something on my blog just send me an email telling me what you like and if a price isn’t marked let me know and I can mail it to you. Or if you ever get to St. Louis for a meeting you can see it then. Any other questions just let me know.
      Bro. Bob

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