Still alive, still beading and making jewelry…..

Hello anyone out there who may be wondering if I’ve given up on this blog. I haven’t, contrary to appearance.

You may remember that I was going on a trip to Germany for a relative’s 80 birthday, well I did and had a wonderful time thanks to my cousins. I was away from June 17th to July 3rd. I got back in time for this “wonderful” heat and humidity here in St. Louis and much of the rest of the country. This is NOT my time of the year to enjoy the weather. When the highs are in the mid 70’s again, I’ll come alive again. Until then I’ll just bear it as best I can and stay in the AC.

I have done some clay work here in my studio, but haven’t scanned it to put on here. Sorry. Today I leave for a week’s retreat at our retreat house in Eureka, MO, about 45 mins. from home. I’ll be back on Saturday on the 6th of August. Hopefully I can get back into a routine of creating and posting images of my new pieces soon after making them.

See you on here soon.


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