March 22, 2011: Latest Pieces

Hello again. Time certainly does go by.  I wanted to have these new pieces on here days ago. I guess good intentions on their own don’t really accomplish much do they?

I’ve also been distracted by the weather, which in my experience of living here in St. Louis has been typical. Sunday it was 84 degrees…in mid March! Too warm too soon. Winter seems to go right into Summer after a few days of Spring. Speaking of Spring, it’s popping out all over the place seemingly overnight.

I completed these pieces on my last Art Monday (along with a lot of beads that aren’t shown here) but didn’t get them sanded and polished and add the bails until the weekend. I scanned them on Monday and finally here they are on the web! Most of the new pieces are pendants. There are two which aren’t shown because I want them to be focal beads for necklaces and I don’t want to post them until completed.


One thought on “March 22, 2011: Latest Pieces

  1. Hey, Bob, Just wanted to take a quick look at your site and view your work once again. I recognize several of your newest pieces from your show and tell last Thursday. I love my selection.

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