February 18, 2011

I don’t have any new works to post photos of today, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working! I must have been inspired by something while at St. Meinrad’s Abbey last weekend because on Monday (my art day) I was very productive and very pleased with the pieces I created.

All of the pieces are in the same color way…all made by combining black, white and translucent clays. I made various canes then combined those in different patterns and cut out different shapes from those sheets of patterns. Because of the black line that was in some of the canes a couple of the pieces have a stain glass window appearance. Some I framed in gray clay, some in black and some with no frames.

The pieces are cured, sanded and polished. I have to decide what kind of “findings” (the metal bits that make them wearable) I want to attach and if I want to make them a focal bead in a necklace with other purchased beads or if I want to make my own beads to go with them or if they will be worn as a pendant. Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Hopefully this weekend I’ll get at least some of the pieces completed so that by next week I’ll have images to post and these verbal descriptions will make sense to you.


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