Latest pieces: February 9, 2011

The ice is still on the ground and it’s still below freezing outside but there’s supposed to be a warming trend on the way with temps getting into the 50’s. Maybe in a week most of this ice (it’s way to hard to be called snow) will be gone.

I have some new pieces to add today. A memory wire bracelet with a heart bead theme, a necklace with a polymer clay focal pendant, a necklace and earring set and  3 polymer clay pendants.

I’m going away this coming weekend (Feb. 11-13) to St. Meinrad’s Abbey in Indiana. It’s an informal gathering of 6 of us Marianists . One will come from Dayton and 5 of us from St. Louis. St Meinrad is almost exactly halfway between the two cities. We have two good friends who are Benedictine Brothers at St. Meinrad’s and they join us for part of the weekend gathering. I have been part of this annual weekend gathering since I moved here to St. Louis in 2002. It’s always a great weekend.

This coming Monday is one of my “Art Mondays” so I’ll get to do some creating in my studio. Always something I look forward to. Hopefully I’ll have something new to post next week.


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