My Blogging intentions (8/4/10)

My intention with this blog is to post photos of my polymer clay jewelry pieces soon after I finish creating them. I had placed  some photos on  Picasa Web Albums but when the invitation is received by someone, they are only able to see the current album sent but not past albums of my work.

On this blog people will be able to see present and past pieces. You’ll also be able to sign up if you wish, to be notified by email when I add photos of my new pieces so you can have a look. I don’t think I’ll be able to put photos of all the things I do but it will be a good representation of the type of thing I’m doing…the colors I’m using at the moment, the shapes I’m using etc.


2 thoughts on “My Blogging intentions (8/4/10)

  1. Great stuff, Bro. Bo (I have never told you, but that’s how I affectionately refer to you here at home). Good idea to start this blog. One thing missing: how does a person contact you to purchase featured items?

    • thanks for the comments Jean. I like “Bro. Bo”. I’m working on a page called “Pieces of Jewelry for Sale” and that will have the info you mentioned.
      Coming Soon…I hope

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