Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. (7/30/10)

I’m sitting at my desk at the office trying my best to stay awake. Fridays are usually a quiet day here and today is no exception; if anything it’s quieter than usual.

Every other Monday, I get to stay at home and work in my art studio which is in the basement of our house. This coming week is one of those “Art Mondays” as I refer to them. I relish these days. Even though I “work” in my studio most evenings and on the weekends it’s not like my Art Mondays when the day is set aside just for creating. It’s a very special time. My coworkers here in the office often say –  “Is Monday one of your days off?” Usually I reply; “No, it’s my day to work in my studio.” While I don’t consider these Mondays as “work”, it’s not the same as a “day off” in my mind, but  in theirs a day not spent in the office is a day off.


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